For home mixers, raw material buying decisions can be the difference between profit and loss for your business.

The key to making this side of your business work for you is selecting a Straights’ partner who is able to deliver quality raw materials at the right price, whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service.

We at Noble Foods would like to be this partner. We produce over 700k tonnes of compound feed annually at our five feed mills and are able to offer competitive pricing through this buying advantage.

Our raw material quality control is also industry leading, as proven by our numerous UFAS and M&S gold award accreditations.

Finally, we apply the same rigorous standards to our Straights’ customer service that we offer to our feed customers. We keep our customers because they trust us to do the right thing.

COMING SOON – Technical Services

Exclusive discounts for our Straights customers. Let us take the stress out of your audit compliance.